Our Chiropractic Staff

Dr Chris Webster

Dr Chris Webster graduated from the RMIT Chiropractic program in 1983 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic). He commenced private practise in Essendon in that same year. Dr Webster sat and passed the U.S. National Board examinations to allow him to practise in the USA also in that same year.

Treatment of postural disorders and occupational injury management have been a specialty in his practise.

After 15 years of private practise, in 2002 Dr Webster entered the School of Occupational Therapy at LaTrobe university to complete a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety specializing in Ergonomics. These courses were completed over the next four years. He also attained Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment and AS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Auditors Certificate. With these skills he was accepted as a Registered Chartered Safety Professional with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. Dr Webster is also a Registered OHS Management Auditor with Exemplar Global.

Dr Webster began consulting and training programs with local and national companies, and various municipal councils. He has chaired the Work Health and Safety Clinical Interest group for the Australian Chiropractors Association since gaining his post graduate qualifications in 2005.

After he became a registered Chartered Safety Professional Dr Webster mixes his private Chiropractic practise with consulting in Occupational Health and Safety. He worked with WorkSafe Victoria from 2016-2018 in their OHS Essential program and continues to complete Pre-employment functional testing for many local and national companies.

Remedial Massuer

Welcome to Siriwan -Remedial Massuer

Siriwan is a qualified remedial massage therapist with a comprehensive client focused approach. Her areas of interest include muscle tightness, injury rehabilitation, pain management and recovery. She helps her clients overcome pain and dysfunction caused by chronic injuries and other conditions.

Siriwan tailors her treatment for each client, based on their needs and presenting symptoms. She then works with the client to help achieve their health and wellness goals.

Siriwan completed her degree in Remedial Massage at Victoria University. She is a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia association and is registered with most Australian health funds. 


What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural, non-invasive health care practice based on the premise that an active and healthy body depends upon a healthy nervous system. Your spine houses and protects key parts of the nervous system. Everyday activities can lead to misalignments in the spine stressing vital nerve pathways, jamming the super freeway of information that travels from your brain to your body.

There are many different ways of correcting these imbalances in the spine which are safe, gentle and effective for people of all ages. These corrections are called “Adjustments”.


Chiropractic treatment is just for bad backs, right?

Our chiropractors help people with a wide range of conditions that are known to be improved by chiropractic treatment. You may be surprised at some of the problems that chiropractors can help. Here are somethings that you might not have thought of:

  • Foot and ankle pain- Plantar fascitis, Hallux Valgus-(Bunions), Achilles tendonitis, acute and chronic ankle strains/sprains
  • Lower limb pain syndromes- Acute and chronic gastrocnemius (calf ) strains, Anterior compartment syndrome ( Shin splints) Patello- femoral syndrome, posterior knee pain, collateral ligament strain, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament strains, Acute and chronic hamstring and quadriceps sprains and strains
  • Hip pain, hip labral tears management
  • Low back pain
  • Thoracic pain and radiating chest pain, Costo chrondral syndrome
  • Acute and Chronic Neck pain-Whiplash management, radiating paresthesia (numbness /tingling) in shoulder/arm/forearm and hand
  • Occipital Headaches (Tension) , Migraine Headaches
  • Cervical and Lumbar disc bulges and protrusions
  • Sciatic nerve pain and femoral nerve pain, Groin pain, Osteitis pubis.
  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI, OOI, CTD), Medial (Golfers elbow) epicondylitis, Lateral (Tennis elbow) epicondylitis, De Quervans tendonitis (Testing thumb, Gamers thumb)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, Ulnar nerve compression, Wrist pain
  • Shoulder pain syndromes- Swimmers shoulder, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Supra spinatus syndrome, Sub Acromial Bursitis  / wrist / elbow problems
  • Postural disorders- Forward head posture (Upper Cross Syndrome), Lower Cross Syndrome, Hyperlordosis (Sway Back), Thoracic kyphosis (Hump back, Dowangers Hump
  • Scoliosis management, Idiopathic juvenile scoliosis management, Adult chronic scoliosis managment
  • BPPV -dizziness/vertigo – Benign Paroxysmal Postional Vertigo 
  • Heartburn
  • Arthritis

Is chiropractic therapy safe?

Chiropractic is the largest non surgical, non drug prescribing health care profession in the world. Its popularity is largely due to its success helping millions of people world wide. The risk of a complication with neck adjusting (manipulation) is 6.39 per 10 million adjustments and 1in 100 million for low back adjustments.

So statistically, you are 24 thousand times worse off with neck surgery and 5 thousand times worse using off using anti-inflammatory drugs compared to seeing a Chiropractor and receiving a neck adjustment. Chiropractors enjoy lower insurance premiums than many other healthcare professions due to the low risk of chiropractic treatment.

(Source: “Efficacy and risks of Chiropractic manipulation: What does the evidence suggest?” by Ian Coulter, Ph D Journal of Medicine, Vol 1, number 2, pp. 61-66)

What training and qualifications do chiropractors have?

Chiropractors in Australia complete a five year tertiary degree in Applied Science. In the course they are taught anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, clinical sciences, radiographic technique and interpretation. Chiropractors complete the same number of hours in Anatomy and Physiology as Medical students. Chiropractic University hours are double that of a standard physiotherapy degree.

Chiropractors are fully licensed health professionals who are governed by Registration Boards in every state of Australia and registered by the Australian Health Practitioners Board (AHPRA) the same body that regulates GPs and Physioterapists. Government bodies such as Workcover, Comcare, Transport Accident, Veterans Affairs and more recently Medicare all recognise the benefits of Chiropractic by paying costs of treatment for people who are eligible under these schemes.

Your First Visit

When you are seen for the first time by our Chiropractors a thorough health history and examination is conducted to assess your problem. This will include a detailed history,  physical examination that includes orthopaedic tests, neurological tests, postural assessments and specific muscle tests (isolating each individual muscle and testing its ability).

These tests provide accurate information regarding the function and balance of your body. Should x-rays be required, you will be referred to a local Radiology Clinic where most series are bulk billed on Medicare. Once the examination is complete, your chiropractor will recommend the best treatment to bring about the health changes you are seeking or refer to the health professional that can help most effectively. We are happy to liaise with you preferred health professional in the management of your condition.


Initial Consultation $80
Further Consultation $55
Pensioner/ Child Initial $60
Pensioner/ Child Further $45