Most people develop some degree of osteoarthritis especially as they get older. The changes are permanent and exist even when there are no symptoms. Osteoarthritis affects people in varying degrees.

Foot and Leg Development

Flat feet are normal in babies and young children because the arch of the foot is not fully developed. Most children develop an arch by five to six years of age. Flat feet tend to run in families. If an arch can be seen when the child…

Tension Headaches

Treatment for tension headaches involves removing fixed areas within the spine (subluxations) , reducing adjacent muscle spasm and improving the forward head posture headache The Journal of Head and Face Pain….


For optimal results we recommend a regular chiropractic treatment schedule and regular exercise (both stretching and cardiovascular). Your homework will account for up to 40% of your results…

Pillows and sleeping styles

The best shape and height for your pillow will vary depending on the position in which you prefer to sleep. Essendon Chiropractic Centre recommend the moulded pillows because…

Childhood Asthma

Chiropractic Treatment has been found to help reduce the severity and incidence of asthma attacks. Chronic Pediatrics Asthma and Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation: A Prospective Clinical Series and Randomized Clinical Pilot Study…

Natural Weight Loss

Obesity is a chronic problem in today’s society. Approximately 60% of the Australian population are overweight or obese. And being overweight can seriously risk your health with cardiovascular disease….