Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an individually designed strengthening and stretching program that is receiving worldwide recognition for its use in the rehabilitation of musculo skeletal injuries and as a generalized well being approach

Clinical Pilates allows the individual to build a strong abdominal core, from the deep inner layer of muscles to the more superficial layers. Core strength combined with pelvic stability is the origins from which a strong mid section of the spine is built. This stabilises the torso and enables stable and firm movement to flow


Clinical Pilates is used by Chiropractors to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Correct biomechanics
  • Improve posture
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve tone and strength
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Prevent injuries
  • Rehabilitate injuries

Clinical Pilates Program at Essendon Chiropractic Centre

Patients commencing a Clinical Pilates program require close supervision to ensure the patient completes the different Pilates exercises correctly.  A specific program designed to correct the patients clinical issues. As the patient progresses through the various sessions, movements which once seemed clumsy and awkward are performed over time with co-ordination and ease.

At this point the patient can progress from supervised sessions to semi-supervised sessions and finally to unsupervised sessions. Technique and exercise upgrades are encouraged regularly to maintain progress. Programs are eventually progressed to high level floor work and then home exercise programs.

Clinical Pilates improves core stability (strengthening the stomach and back muscles). This increased core stability improves your overall body strength which is critical  in the recovery of musculo skeletal injuries but also in reducing the risk of re-injury. At our clinic we have a Pilates studio where you will exercise under the supervision of rehabilitation trained Chiropractors. The Pilates exercises focus on your core stability with creative and varied exercises using floor exercises, fit ball and specialized Pilates equipment.

Our highly trained Chiropractors will assess you and design an individual program to suit your needs. So at all times you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that the exercises are safe and appropriate for you. The big difference between our Pilates program and those Pilates classes at gyms is lowest common denominator approach which limits an individuals improvement and progress. This one size fits all approach does not focus on the individuals clinical issues, level of fitness, strength or flexibility.

At our clinic the program is tailored for each individual at their specific level. You will always receive an appropriate level of exercise for YOU as an individual. We also work with local Pilates studios where you can join in with groups if you require motivation to complete your program. You are reassessed regularly to determine how your how strength has improved and provided with more challenging Pilates procedures, to insure your rehabilitation continually improves.