Foot and Leg Development

Flat feet are normal in babies and young children because the arch of the foot is not fully developed. Most children develop an arch by five to six years of age. Flat feet tend to run in families. If an arch can be seen when the child stands on tip-toes there is no cause for concern. If your childs flat feet are stiff and/or painful, if your childs ankles roll in a lot, or if your child has flat feet and knee soreness, then see your chiropractor for assessment and advice.

Bow legs or genu varum is often seen until the toddler is about two or three years old. Bow legs can also run in families. Treatment is not needed unless the bowing is severe or one-sided.

Knock knees or genu valgum is normal in children between three and six years of age, and usually disappear by the age of seven. Knock knees may also be seen in children who have flat feet or who are overweight.

A small percentage of children walk on their tip-toes. If your child can stand with the feet flat then the toe-walking habit usually disappears on its own. However if your child has stiff ankles or feet (making it difficult for you to move the feet up and down or to put shoes on), or your child rarely stands with the feet flat, or the toe-walking habit persists, then seek advice from our Chiropractors. We analyse gait (walking pattern) and posture then develop stretching and strengthening exercises which combat various lower limb problem